We can always use foster families to save more animals (both cats and dogs) from the Natchitoches Parish and City Animal Control shelters. Our goal is to help animals one by one, but we are looking to get more saved, as all animals in those shelters are at high risk, and that will take a larger foster network. Do you have room in your heart and home? 

We are seeking caring, committed and qualified people who help them take the next steps in their lives. Fostering is a big, yet rewarding responsibility. Take a few minutes to read our FAQs about fostering, then if you think you’re ready, please fill out the foster application below.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fostering
What should I expect?
Taking a foster pet into your home to prepare him/her for the next phase of their life is a crucial part of the rescue process. Fosters are expected to treat their pet like a member of their family, provide exercise and training (dogs), playtime, and create a foundation of trust for an animal who has no place to call home. You’ll provide your cat or dog with structure and a routine that’ll help him/her thrive as well as manage their schedule of medical care and appointments as necessary.

As a foster, it’s also your job to do as much as possible to help get your foster pet adopted. As you get to know your foster cat or dog you’ll be asked to write up a bio and take great photos to be posted to his/her web page profile, or work with us to make sure he/she has the best photos possible. You may be expected to bring a foster dog to adoption events, with advance notice.

Our team of foster mentors will help you through should you have any questions, via text, Facebook or in person if needed. 

In exchange for all this, you’ll be paid in unconditional love and the gratitude of a dog who desperately needed you!

What is provided by FAUNA for fosters?
FAUNA will work to provide you with everything you need to care for your foster cat or dog: crate, collar and leash, litter box, food bowls. (Any of these that you are able to provide will free up that resource for another needing pet!) Many of our fosters take on the cost and purchasing of food as an additional donation, which we really appreciate, but we can work with you if this is not possible. Occasionally we receive donations of treats and toys to hand out as well. We also cover all the costs of medical care. If you choose to provide anything extra for your foster cat or dog, remember that everything is tax deductible, so go ahead and spoil him/her! Bath days in the summer time are free for our foster (dogs)!

How long will I have my foster?
The honest answer is: until they find their perfect home. This varies, it could be a couple of weeks of housing, others take longer! (If you have a foster dog and it is heartworm negative and not a pitbull, we are able to send it up to other states for adoption, and only need a few days or weeks for fostering while it waits for transport, but that means other dogs in need can be pulled from Animal Control in the meantime!)

What if I go on vacation while fostering?
We have a family of volunteers who are able to help out with temporary care when you go out of town! (You can also select to be a “foster sitter” as an option in the form below!)

Will I be sad when my foster animal is adopted?
Honestly, letting them go, especially the first one, is not easy. All fosters have been through this and will share their stories. All of our cats and dogs go to the best homes, and seeing that you just helped someone add to their family is very rewarding. We can organize contact methods for fosters to help transition the pet to another home and usually adopters will enjoy sending regular updates (who doesn’t like sharing pet photos?) and locals will often stop by our events down the line.

What if I want to adopt my foster cat or dog?
This happens all of the time! We will lovingly call you a “foster failure.”

Dog Specific Questions

I don’t have a fence, is that ok?
Though a secure fence is preferred, if you are okay with putting a leash on your foster dog and going with it each time it goes out, we are okay with that, but your pet must be secure when outdoors. We encourage all of our fosters to leash walk the dog from time to time anyway so they have that experience as needed for their future homes.

Can my foster dog be loose in my house during the day?
We want to avoid damage to your home and recommend during this transition phase in the dog’s life that you have your dog in the kennel when you are not home and when you are asleep. Many adopters want to have the kennel or crate as part of the dog’s routine and they may have different opinions on where dogs should sleep, so we don’t want to make that shift harder for the pup! Many of the dogs we put into foster homes are not fans of storms, so we do not want them to be outdoors when you are away either. 

Am I ready for fostering? 
You will not know until you try! We will do our best to match you with an appropriate animal to care for to build up your confidence! Fill out the form to get started!