Site Employee

Job purpose

Friends All United for Natchitoches Animals (FAUNA) site employees will work towards achieving the goals and mission of the organization. Site employees will achieve this by helping to maintain the animal rescue’s physical location.

Duties and responsibilities

FAUNA site employees will help provide assistance with daily operations and with certain large tasks. Duties may include: 

  • Feeding, walking, socializing, bathing and grooming the animals 
  • Cleaning the animal’s cages and/or kennels 
  • Clean and organize food storage areas
  • Exterior run/yard maintenance
  • Assisting with site manager on certain scheduled work days to complete large tasks 
  • Transporting dogs to/from vet for appointments if needed
  • Assisting potential adopters with information on animals ready for adoption
  • Following safety/health protocols set by the President, Site Manager, and Veterinarians

Commitment Details 

Frequency of Commitment: Part-time position with minimum of 6 hours per week 


FAUNA qualifications for site employees: 

  • Professional demeanor with excellent customer service skills 
  • Ability to positively work with dogs 
  • Excited about working with the public and answering their questions
  • Easygoing behavior and prepared to positively interact with diverse populations 
  • Valid driver’s license and willingness to use personal vehicle for traveling to and from the rescue facility and vet

Physical requirements/ Working Conditions 

FAUNA has a 50lb weight requirement for the Site Employee. This person must also be very comfortable with handling and walking large dogs, cleaning kennels and distributing medicine as needed.

Working conditions can vary but will require working outdoors in different weather elements. The times for work shifts are fluid but will be generally be conducted during daylight for safety.